Riding My Asterisk Off

…one mile at a time…

I’m obviously having a hard time getting back on the right track. I blew it right out of the gate this morning by reaching for Pop Tarts instead of something reasonable. Why? Because they were there, I was lazy. I used to eat oatmeal every morning…not exactly the same.

And other than the soup…NO veggies in there today.

This was sooooo much easier on NutriSystem. Other than the pain…

I stopped eating the Nurtisystem food because it was tearing me up. The problem is I didn’t know ingredient was doing it.

Tonight I tried a couple small pieces of a sugar free candy…loaded with malitol.

Malitol is not my friend.

I still don’t know if soy is a problem, but I can be sure that mailtol is, and NS foods tend to be loaded with it.

My poor tummy…

All my jiggly stuff held steady this week; no loss but on the bright side, no gain, either. I’m coming to terms with the idea that I’m probably not going to make my -30 goal for Christmas, but that’s okay. If you’d asked me when I started all this if I’d be down 20 by now I’d have laughed at you.

We’re going to start Christmas shopping this week.
Does that count for exercise?
That should count…
All those people, all the pushing and shoving…yeah, that should count.

Weight is holding steady… the doc increased my synthroid today, so I have marginal hopes that might help up my metabolism a tad. It’s not a huge increase and I *know* it’s not a weight loss drug, but I can have my little hopes 😉 At least maybe I won’t feel so freaking cold!

Ok, so I took the official weight a day early, mostly because–even though I’m not cooking this huge Thanksgiving dinner–I plan on eating a little more than usual today. I’m having PIE, dammit!

I got on the scale this morning and was way surprised. Total loss to date: 21.5 pounds. I lost last weeks gain of 2.5 pounds plus 2.5 more. I know some of that was water, and I’m not sure how the rest came off, but I’m not questioning it.

But… yay!

The other night, when I had 400 some odd calories left to play with and was really hungry?

Well, I caved. I did not eat Good Stuff. My son came home at 10 P.m. and was hungry, too, and pancakes sounded really good to both of us. Great big fluffy pancakes, dripping with butter and syrup. It was a Mrs. Buttersworth calorie fest.

And last night? Well, let’s just say I ate out and didn’t make the effort to pick reasonable things from the menu.

So after 2 days of not making the wisest choices, I dreaded getting on the scale.

And what do you know… The 2.5 pounds gained from last week were gone, along with 1.5 of their little fatty friends. It’s not the Official Weekly Weigh In, of course, but it sure as hell made me feel better.

There won’t be a Thanksgiving Blowout dinner, and no leftovers to contend with (we’re eating out…All Hail Denny’s) so I have high hopes of not gaining anything else this week, except maybe a pound or two of water if my DDAVP doesn’t wear off.

And today’s weighing makes me unofficially at more than 20 pounds lost overall.

I hate nights like tonight. they dont happen often, but when they do…

I’m hungry. Not just a little munchy hungry, where a banana or a yogurt would fix it; I want food and lots of it. I had dinner just two and a half hours ago, and if I dared, I could eat a whole other meal.

And if it wasn’t for the calorie count, I’d be downstairs, making hot chocolate and toast. Well, if I had the stuff to make hot chocolate with. I’d make it and 3 or 4 slices of toast slathered in butter. So I suppose it’s a good thing that I don’t have the makings for it, and that I’m night blind and can’t take myself to the store for a container or Nestle’s Quik.

lI still have 420 calories to play with today, maybe a little more if I decide to go over 1200, so I can still eat something. I just know me. If I eat something now, come 10 p.m., when I usually have a snack, I’ll still want one. If I rationalize that I can have some raw veggies, come 10 p.m. I’ll rationalize myself into a major dietary blowout.

So it’s damned lucky I can’t drive at night, because a 600-700 calorie hot chocolate blowout would sooooooo be happening…

I had low expectations for this week; we’re in the middle of moving and the dietary front has been looking pretty awful, but in spite of the steady stream of fast food and Denny’s, I’ve dropped a couple of pounds. “Official” weigh in is tomorrow, so we’ll see. I’ll be happy with 2 pounds!

And dangit, I am too old to be hauling chit up a flight of stairs…

One more pound gone…but it seems a little disappointing. I’ve kept it right at 1200 calories a day, the highest I’ve gone is 1300 one day, and still only one pound. At my weight, more than just a single pound shoulda come off…


So far I’m doing ok eating low glycemic without the NS foods…looking back over my food diary for the last few days I’m dropping the ball on getting enough vegetables in. It’s easy with NS; you have the entree, and fix a couple of veggies to eat with it. It should be that easy without the NS foods, but I seem to be skipping the veggies, thinking “I’ll eat that later…”

For some reason, broccoli doesn’t sound as appetizing at 10 p.m.